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Know the Secret

“It’s an open secret that Jesus is mine … it’s an open secret I want you to know, I love my Savior so!” Fifty years ago, these words marked the beginning of a new era of innovative evangelism for The Salvation Army with the birth of The Joystrings, the first contemporary Christian rock band in church history! General Frederick Coutts said of them: “… They have successfully shown how to harness the best of the moment for the service of the gospel.”

This year at the Pier, the Eastern Territory will seek to fulfill Commissioner Swanson’s STRIKEPOINT mandate by developing innovative evangelistic methods to share the gospel story by “harnessing the beat of the moment.” We will premier new tools, resources, and strategies which will be used in local corps campaigns as well as by individual Salvation Army soldiers.

What can you do to be a part of this exciting campaign?KnowtheSecret_2

1. PRAY – pray with us that the Pier will be a place where every person will hear, see, and experience the love of Christ through positive encounters with The Salvation Army. We want the secret to be proclaimed—JESUS IS THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!

2. VOLUNTEER – if you are planning to visit the Pier during the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings, we invite you to partner with us as a Prayer Warrior or “1–O–1” (one–on–one) Evangelist! You can sign up to help on any evening you are available. Contact sharon.bussey@use.salvationarmy.org to be a part of this event.


“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in this world.
God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public
as a city on a hill … I’m putting you on a light stand—shine!” 

Matthew 5: 14–16 (MSG)

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