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Papa John’s helps Puerto Rico corps

We want to welcome all of Papa John’s team to our Loíza Corps,” said Major Jorge L. Marzán, divisional commander of The Salvation Army in Puerto Rico. “Please know that you are all a big blessing to a most needful community.”

Marzán spoke to a crowd of nearly 200 people as he described a community that is filled with leaders committed to transforming and encouraging the lives of children and adults. He also spoke passionately about a food corporation that was willing to lend a helping hand.

Annually, Papa John’s holds awards trips and sponsors a volunteer initiative designed to help a local charity in the area where the trip visits. With this year’s trip scheduled in Puerto Rico, Papa John’s reached out to the Salvation Army’s Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Division to identify a project it could directly support. The Loíza Corps renovation, located in one of Puerto Rico’s most needy cities, was identified as the best option for a volunteer and in–kind donation project.

To kick off the corps renovation on July 8, 2014, Papa John’s hosted a block party. The company donated pizza, snow cones, and a gift of 116 bicycles and gave them to specifically identified children. As many as 200 volunteers, wearing green Papa John’s “T”–shirts, performed many of the improvement projects.

Among many other things, the volunteers built a small playground area, installed cabinets in the kitchen, re–upholstered the chapel chairs, and painted the building’s exterior and surrounding pavement.

Also on hand was John H. Schnatter, founder and CEO of Papa John’s International, Inc. Wearing a Papa John’s “T”–shirt and sunglasses, he greeted the children, assembled bikes, painted walls, and tilled the soil in the playground area alongside the volunteers.

Said Marzán, “We, as well as Mr. John Schnatter, believe that everybody deserves a shot at success and at living a blessed and well–rounded life. Does it take work, sacrifice, and commitment? Of course it does, we are simply being a vehicle upon which they can count.”

Quoting Matthew 5:42, Marzán concluded his remarks by saying, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” You are all giving glory to our Heavenly Father today!”

by Warren L. Maye

— Leslie Ortiz and Sarah Weiss contributed to this story.

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