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04 Jan 2017

Script – Believe It

A Cadet, recovering addict and Evangeline Booth relate their personal experiences with the Salvation Army.

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02 Jan 2017

A Closer Look at Sabbath

I remember it very clearly: my husband and I would each drive a 15 passenger van (remember those?) on two different routes around the city and pick people up for church

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01 Jan 2017

T.E.A.M. Seminars

TEACHING, EQUIPPING, AFFIRMING, MULTIPLYING Our Vision is that T.E.A.M. resources will serve as a catalyst to prepare God’s people to become disciples filled with Holy Spirit passion, who intentionally seek

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01 Jan 2017

Models for Mobilizing

In March, The Salvation Army Eastern Territory will offer training on the practice of “Integrated Mission,” one of the four Strikepoints continued by Commissioner William A. Bamford, territorial commander (see

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28 Dec 2016

Script/Monologue – Jarius’ Daughter

A monologue from the perspective of a young girl raised from the dead; and how she met God.

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SAconnects en Español

09 Jul 2015

En las palabras de William Booth

“Porque tuve hambre, y ustedes me dieron de comer; tuve sed, y me dieron de beber; fui forastero, y me dieron alojamiento;  necesité ropa, y me vistieron; estuve enfermo, y

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01 Jun 2015

Un Espíritu pionero

Roque y Josefina Ortiz poseían un espíritu de pioneros. Se integraron por primera vez a las filas del Ejército en 1924 en calidad de enviados a cargo de la obra

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01 Jun 2015

Un Peregrinaje de Bendición

Estoy agradecida a Dios por nuestro Ejército de Salvación, en el que tenemos oportunidad para servirle. Cuando tenía 19 años, tuve la primera oportunidad de servir como misionera en la

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