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29 May 2017

The Sabbath in Today’s Salvation Army

There seem to be decades of silence as it concerns the subject of Sabbath keeping in Army publications. Articles addressing today’s non-stop lifestyle and its results on the spirit, soul and

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26 May 2017


Guests, gifts, food, conversations, love. Yes, those were the components I remember of our wedding reception, which took place almost 38 years ago. A few years later it was decided that

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24 May 2017

A Sabbath How-To (Corporate & Personal)

Sabbath must be a concentrated time where we disconnect to connect with the deep things of God. It must be ordered and focused. It is the priority in our lives not

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17 May 2017

We Are Fit to Serve

Officers are very busy people who care for others & often neglect their own health. Like other pastors, they may assume that caring for their souls is the most important

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15 May 2017

10,000 Hearts

We would encourage you to share this at your corps or ministry center. You can help us reach 10,000 hearts through your purchase of this beautiful product from Bangladesh. To

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SAconnects en Español

01 Dec 2015

“Un abrigo para mí”

“Ustedes, los que van tras la justicia y buscan al Señor, ¡escúchenme! Miren la roca de la que fueron tallados, la cantera de la que fueron extraídos.” —Isaías 51:1. El Mayor

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01 Dec 2015

Alguien toca a la puerta

Una fría semana de invierno, un maltratado árbol navideño plateado yacía desnudo en la basura. La mayor parte de sus ramas estaban intactas, así como también un juego de luces

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01 Dec 2015

La gracia de Dios en medio de la tormenta

En octubre de 2012, la Soldada Carmen Ivette Ortiz del Cuerpo de Bayamón, Puerto Rico, visitó los Estados Unidos en compañía de su esposo. Vinieron a ver los museos, la

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