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16 Mar 2017

Bangladesh – Others Trade for Hope

Others Trade for Hope began in Bangladesh in 1997.  In February, April Foster visited Bangladesh and met up with the men and women who make the beautiful hand-crafted products we

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15 Mar 2017

We Dance

At the Candidates Seminar February of 2017, Kathryn Higgins and Cadet Clifford Douglas brought to life a beautiful piece by Bethel Music, We Dance. Watch it now, right here!

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13 Mar 2017

Trying to Be God

In a presentation to a gathering of officers Dr. Norman Raymond shared these statistics from a pastoral care consortium regarding those in all denominations of ministry. “90% work a 75 hour

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09 Mar 2017

Plugged in and powered up!

The brain is powerful, and after prolonged engagement the brain needs to rest and recharge…In the same way that our phones, our brain’s, and bodies need to be recharged, our souls need power too. How do we power up spiritually?

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07 Mar 2017

Furry Lessons from Belle

As a child I always had a dog.  There was Cindy, Tina and King who spanned my childhood and college days. So, it seemed the right time to add the

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06 Mar 2017

Book Review – Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller

Author Shelly Miller was recently introduced to me through reading a favorite blog. Her experience with Sabbath intrigued me to find out more. Here at Spiritual Life Development, we have been

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SAconnects en Español

01 Jan 2016

espera en Dios

Si pudiese ofrecer un consejo en 3 palabras a los cristianos para el año 2016, sería este: Espera en Dios. Como oficiales y salvacionistas, llevamos vidas ajetreadas, caóticas y a

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01 Jan 2016

Una guerrera para su generación

En la actualidad, Shanique Taliaferro está rebosante de alegría en el Señor. Pero hace poco tiempo, tocó fondo y buscaba desesperadamente esa alegría de Dios. Forzada a mudarse a casa

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01 Jan 2016

el amor y el basquetbol

El Teniente Stephen Mayes mide 2 metros 13 centímetros y jugó básquetbol en la universidad. De manera que le resultó de lo más natural frecuentar el gimnasio del Cuerpo Central

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