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28 Apr 2016

Announcing – Army On Its Toes

Big Steps for an Army On Its Knees… and Toes! We are proud to announce the upcoming commissioning and debut performance of the very first USE Territorial dance team! Lead

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27 Apr 2016

LEAD Preview – Captains Kevin and Tawny Zanders

Captains Kevin and Tawny Zanders are currently stationed at the Philadelphia Kroc Center, and they are our instructors for the Leadership track at this year’s LEAD Lay Leadership Summit in

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25 Apr 2016

Commissioning 2016: Colonels Brad and Heidi Bailey

Chief Secretary & Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries USA Southern Territory Atlanta, GA Colonels Brad and Heidi Bailey have been Salvation Army Officers for over 30 years.  Since September of

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25 Apr 2016

FIRST: Journaling Scripture

My faith life was failing. My Bible reading time had tanked. I needed something to give me a boost in the right direction. In all honesty I was hoping for

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21 Apr 2016

Wired for Service

I had the privilege of watching my grandchildren the other day. While emptying the dishwasher one of my 19-month old granddaughters started taking the silverware out. One by one, she

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SAconnects en Español

Carol Jaudes portrays Catherine Booth in 'The Three Bonnets.' Shown to the left and right are photos of Evangeline Booth and Eva Burrows.
01 May 2015

En Memoria de Tres Mujeres Extraordinarias

Cuando la actriz de Broadway Carol Jaudes ingresó a las filas del Ejército de Salvación en 1999, muchas personas abrigaban grandes esperanzas sobre la manera como ella había de compartir

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01 May 2015

‘Amor sororal’

El ministerio de Eliza Shirley continúa En 1879, Eliza Shirley se sintió movida a tomar la difícil decisión de dejar la región de las East Midlands en Inglaterra y venir

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01 May 2015

Mi Experiencia en el Ejército de Salvación Como Mujer

La experiencia de trabajar en el Ejército de Salvación ha desarrollado en mí la capacidad de comprender el don de servicio al ser humano. Pensé inmediatamente en la oportunidad que

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