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19 Sep 2017

Local Officer Training Videos

The Lay Leadership Development Bureau is providing these older but gently updated Local Officer Training materials for use in your local Corps. The videos and so forth may have been

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19 Sep 2017

Two Scary Words

Silence and Solitude: two words that probably scare some people, but not me. At least not in the literal sense, that is. This past summer, I spent a week as

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12 Sep 2017

By Any Means Necessary

The phrase “by any means necessary” finds it origins in a 1948 French play “Dirty Hands” by Jean-Paul Sartre. It entered the popular civil rights culture through a speech given

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08 Sep 2017

Silence and Solitude: An Introduction

We are living in a driven age and society. We are known by what we have accomplished and produced. This mindset has found its way into the church and is

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07 Sep 2017

Junior Soldiers

NEW JS Material can be found at! DOWNLOAD JUNIOR SOLDIER RESOURCES What is a Junior Solder? Junior Soldiers are children between the ages of 7 and 13 who have professed Jesus Christ

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SAconnects en Español

07 Jul 2017

Suicidio asistido

La medicina moderna ha logrado prolongar la vida de manera notable. Sin embargo, esto puede significar a veces prolongar el sufrimiento de las personas. En la actualidad, un adulto mentalmente

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06 Jul 2017

¡Movilízate por los demás!

Agachado frente a una tienda con la cabeza entre sus manos, “Courtney” está ya muy familiarizada con las miradas despectivas y las palabras ofensivas que ella y otras personas menesterosas

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06 Jul 2017

El Cuerpo de Ponce se Moviliza

Los miembros del Cuerpo de Ponce del Ejército de Salvación, en Puerto Rico, han hecho suyo el espíritu de la campaña Todo el Mundo a Movilizarse, saliendo de la iglesia

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