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06 Jul 2017

How to Build a Go Team

The Whole World Mobilizing Toolkit The Whole World Mobilizing campaign began in one sense when General André Cox called on the international Salvation Army to get of their corps buildings

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05 Jul 2017

On Point Webinars

Following the LEAD Lay Leadership Summit in Old Orchard Beach, we wondered how we might provide additional opportunities for training and conversation throughout the year on topics relevant to leadership,

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30 Jun 2017

Fast Pass Children & Young Teen Registration: OOB 2017

  PLEASE EMAIL with questions/concerns. Thank you! Thank you for your interest in registering for your children for the OOB Children & Young Teen Meetings. Preregistration is now closed. 

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29 Jun 2017

Challenge by Choice

I envisioned our recent SLD Department Retreat day as “an adventure waiting to happen.” As with prior departmental retreat days, we tend to bond in nature or in some form

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27 Jun 2017

Integrated Mission Across Borders

In this short and powerful documentary filmed in Africa, China, India and the United States, we follow Salvationist trailblazers Ian & Alison Campbell as they engage in community conversations for

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SAconnects en Español

01 Jun 2017

Corazones de Pastores

Cuando Guy y Henrietta Klemanski llegaron por primera vez a Nueva York para ejercer como secretarios divisionales, no conocían a muchos oficiales del Gran Nueva York. La última vez que

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01 Jun 2017

Endulzante: ¿un chorrito o dos?

Esta mañana, me serví una taza de café descafeinado, miré el endulzante con sabor a avellanas y pensé: Hoy le echaré un poco, sólo para darle sabor. Un chorrito y

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04 May 2017


Tanto Abraham, como Moisés, el pueblo de Israel, Jesús y los integrantes de la iglesia primitiva fueron, en algún momento, refugiados. En respuesta a estos hechos, la Escritura es perentoria

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