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05 Mar 2014

God at Center Pathway

t the heart of the Pathway of Hope (POH) approach is Army leaders’ deep desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and that desire is motivated by their love

22 Feb 2014

What is Strikepoint?

Commissioners Barry C. & Sue Swanson Talk about ‘Strikepoint’ at Hershey.  More information coming soon.

14 Feb 2014

Pathway of Hope Introduction

t’s been a hard winter. Remember the stories our parents told us about walking to school barefoot in the snow? In most cases, it was supposed to be a lesson

02 Feb 2014

Trade Super Store at Hershey

Strikepoint The Trade Department is looking forward to supporting STRIKEPOINT with an expansive store, filled with Mission / Ministry tools and resources. Here is information relating to our store location,

31 Jan 2014

Missionary Moments: Majors Dennis and Lynn Gensler

Flood relief, Christian worship despite Muslim blasphemy laws, and trusting God. Majors Dennis and Lynn Gensler talk about what The Salvation Army is doing in Pakistan.


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