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28 Jan 2020

Why I Believe – Small Group Study

What happens when we die? Can miracles be explained? Is there really a God? Answers to questions such as varied as they are confusing, and spring from a variety of

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27 Jan 2020


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17 Jan 2020

Anointed, Affirmed, Agitated

I’ve been experiencing spiritual growing pains in the past few months. While it is a good season to be in, it also has opened space for uncertainty and self-doubt. I’m

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13 Jan 2020

Black History Month Toolkit

In recognition of and solidarity with our brothers and sisters of African descent, these materials have been prepared for the building up of the Kingdom of God for celebrating Black

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SAconnects en Español

17 Dec 2019

Nuestra música navideña

La Navidad se distingue, entre otras cosas, por su música especial. Durante la temporada navideña es común entrar a cualquier establecimiento y escuchar música que nos recuerda que estamos en

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17 Dec 2019


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11 Dec 2019

Viaje Misionero a Honduras

En enero del 2019, un equipo de médicos del este y centro de Estados Unidos viajó al país de Honduras para proveer cuidados de salud a la gente en las

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