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21 Jul 2020

Being at the table

I had just entered a dimly lit dining room of a restaurant in which the local Rotary Club met weekly. Then I overheard someone across the room quietly say, “Wow,

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20 Jul 2020

Nomads for Christ

Five years ago, born–again Christians Frank and Shelley Dostie sold their Connecticut home and all their worldly possessions and bought a 29–foot recreational vehicle (RV). They decided to roam the

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19 Jul 2020

Trains, shapes, and ‘Mario’ Parties

7 board and video games for summer fun COVID–19 severely limited outdoor activities this year, so people are going back to tabletop games and other forms of indoor family entertainment

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SAconnects en Español

08 Apr 2020

Thoughts for Holy Week – Pensamientos para la Semana Santa

Daily Devotions with Commissioners Bamford During Holy Week, leading up to Easter, Commissioners William A. & G. Lorraine will be leading us as a Territory through Jesus’ journey to the cross.

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23 Mar 2020

Ven y Siéntate

He aquí un devocional que te ayudará a cómo manejar estos días de ansiedad.  Medítalo individualmente, explora las preguntas de discusión en línea con un grupo, o compártelo con alguien

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31 Jan 2020

Vasos escogidos

El jarrón contenía 13 rosas rosadas, cada una con un versículo de la Biblia unido por una cinta. Eran para una amiga que estaba a punto de hacerse una segunda

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