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28 Oct 2019

CAST 2019 Reflections: How did you see God at work this summer?

We often hear people say, God works in mysterious ways. We know that God works, but do we take the time to look for Him? Do we see Him at work

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22 Oct 2019

Small Groups at the 2019 Holiness Institute

“What the Group Meeting Meant to Us” Group 2, Facilitator Col. Richard Munn We discussed four questions in our group.  I’d like to share our answers to those and then

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21 Oct 2019

2019 Advent Resources
In English and Español

2019-2020 Program Planning Guide | Because of Bethlehem—Love is Born and Hope is Here Letter from our Secretary for Program The 2019 Advent & Christmas Resources include ideas for Worship

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16 Oct 2019

Testimonial Report for 2019 Holiness Institute

“Rebecca, would you like to attend the Holiness Institute?” When my corps officers first asked me, it was met with a resounding and exaggerated no! I have so many responsibilities

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11 Oct 2019

Book Review: The Eternal Current, by Aaron Neiquist

The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning – Aaron Niequist   Every church and religion have its faith traditions that are sacred.  Imagine if we embraced

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07 Oct 2019

CAST & Camp Sebago Changing Lives

The staff at Camp Sebago have a goal of providing a safe, loving environment for kids in the NNE division to come experience God’s creation, make new friends and discover

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SAconnects en Español

05 Nov 2018

Dispara una salva

“¡Alabado sea el Señor!” “¡Amén!” “¡Aleluya!” Estos gritos congregacionales pueden encender el corazón de cualquier predicador. Es más, pueden hasta suscitarse con gritos persuasivos como: “Dispara una salva”. El concepto

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05 Nov 2018

¡Cruce el Puente!

El personal de nuestra revista SAconnects está preparando la última edición del año para todos ustedes. Este número cubre diciembre 2018 y enero 2019, y nos servirá como “puente al

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