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17 Nov 2014

Impact 150

God has placed a burden on Commissioner Barry C. Swanson’s to ask for 100 Cadets for the 2015 “Joyful Intercessors Session”. This initiative is called Impact 150. With the cadets

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29 Oct 2014

Stoned: The Rock Musical

n June 2013 we were greatly privileged to present Stoned: The Rock Musical as part of The Eastern Territory’s Commissioning Weekend. The Good News July/August 2013 “So you came to

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28 Oct 2014

Unbound Live at the OOB Pier

nbound was pleased to play at the Old Orchard Beach Pier this summer, July 26th–August 1st 2014, as part of the evangelistic campaign.  Here’s a quote from The Good

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27 Oct 2014

Called to celebrate Christ’s presence

e call Salvationists worldwide to rejoice in our freedom to celebrate Christ’s real presence at all our meals and in all our meetings, and to seize the opportunity to explore

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22 Oct 2014

Will you Trade for Hope?

hen the pillow that Ruma, a woman in Bangladesh, produced is exported for sale by Others, her face lights up and she stands taller. After having seen several orders exported,

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