Good News!

Our New Year’s resolution

Maye_Warren“We’re a united Army that also acknowledges and celebrates its cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity.” 

—Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, territorial commander

Starting next month, between the covers of one magazine, you’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to see who the Army is made of—and other Salvationists will also have a chance to see you as never before.

New magazine coming!

To accomplish this ambitious goal, we’ll launch SAConnects, a monthly magazine that will eventually become trilingual, multicultural, informational, and evangelical.

SAConnects will evolve into a compilation of the best human–interest features previously found in Priority! magazine; the devotionals, corps and community news, and historical offerings of ¡Buenas Noticias!; the territorial and corps news and events published in the English Good News!; and the cultural, global, and theological articles presented in the Korean Good News! Selected articles will appear in English, Spanish, and Korean.

OurNewYearsresolutionYou hold in your hand the final publication we will offer under the name Good News! The availability of a dedicatory issue designed to pay tribute to our contributors down through the years will be announced at a later date.

The last Priority! magazine is now available as a commemorative issue that reflects its 15–year history. Copies are available by contacting Doris Marasigan in the Communications Department.

¡Buenas Noticias!, our Spanish language magazine, will also cease publication and be incorporated into SAConnects.

The theme of our first SAConnects will provide a window through which you’ll examine successful marriage relationships. You’ll read how actual couples from our territory have made the commitment, weathered the storms, and are enjoying the rewards of a sacred union ordained and blessed by the Lord. Subsequent themes such as women’s history will follow in future issues as our phased rollout of this new magazine continues.

So, that’s our New Year’s resolution!

Please know that I’ll pray that the Lord will give you the strength and the grace to fulfill your commitments this year. And also know that we’ll count on you to pray for us as we continue, as our purpose statement says, to “inform, inspire, and equip you to grow in holiness, to serve together in supportive, healing communities, and to reach others for Jesus Christ!”

by Warren L. Maye

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