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Our mission to ‘connect’

Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, territorial commander, understands the potential for today’s technology to connect people in new and exciting ways. To that end, he has created the Communications Department at Territorial Headquarters (effective October 2013) with the vision to effectively and purposefully communicate The Salvation Army’s overall mission—”to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human need in His name without discrimination.
“to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human need in His name without discrimination”

By using the highest quality and the most professional forms of communication, Commissioner Swanson endeavors to reach you and as many other people as possible for the Lord Jesus Christ as well as to continue the Army’s longstanding tradition for being on the cutting edge of communication technology (see below).

The Communications Department has combined the skills of dedicated employees from the former Literary Department (print publications) and the former Media Ministries Bureau (video and live events coverage) to collaborate in spreading messages of life, hope, and power and to connect people to the Lord.

“Social Media,” which has been under development, has officially been added to the mix. Personnel assigned to this task will work in cooperation with the print and video groups. Our hope and desire is to connect people to “the greatest story ever told” through a variety of interactive and participatory media, which will include Salvation Army–sponsored websites and blogs as well as the continued and strategic use of Twitter and Facebook pages—which now serves 500 million people.

“The Communications Department has combined the skills of dedicated employees”

In recent months, General André Cox as well as our own Commissioners Barry and Sue Swanson, territorial leaders, have issued to us via email and the Internet insightful daily messages and important news updates. As caring leaders who reach the frontlines of everyday life, they offer hope and encouragement and remind us that we are an army—The Salvation Army.

The Communications Department offers an “arsenal of weapons” vital to this endeavor. These resources include our publications—filled with your stories—lives that have been changed by an encounter with Jesus our Savior. We’ll also use engaging videos and captivating photos that touch hearts with joy and hope and that carry instant messages of spiritual transformation and faith.

We invite you to get connected, stay connected, and to connect with other people.

—Lt. Colonel Cherly A. Maynor is the East’s Territorial Secretary for Communications
follow her on twitter: @CherylMaynor

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