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‘Others’ initiative to launch in USA East

In September, the Eastern Territory made a commitment to “Others” by making it part of the Army’s mission in the United States. April Foster, who has served for the past five years in Kenya as coordinator of the initiative, and as a lay Salvationist for 25 years, has joined the Mission & Culture Department at Territorial Headquarters to provide leadership.

“Others: Trade for Hope” is the Salvation Army’s concept for fair trade. Formerly known as Sally Ann, Others began in the mid 1990’s with a few women in Bangladesh. They produced handcrafted interior designs, kitchen items, textiles, and beautiful jewelry made from recycled paper.

For 10 years, they’ve sold these products through storefront and online sales channels in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and in other parts of the world. This partnership has led to sustained livelihoods and long–term economic and spiritual transformation for the women—each with a unique story.

“I am now able to support myself, send my children to school, and have dignity and respect in the community,” said Ruma in Bangladesh. Her story is similar to those of other women producers in Kenya, Pakistan, and Maldova. When Ruma’s pillows are exported by Others, her face lights up and she stands taller.

The opportunities for Others products are numerous: Christmas cards, conference and workshop bags, advisory board and corps gifts, corporate gifts, as well as house parties and displays that raise awareness about Others.

by April Foster

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