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The Spiritual Life Development Department has created a resource for your time of prayer while you are attending the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings of 2016. This year’s Prayer Kit will consist of a reflective booklet and a journal to write your experiences with God. This booklet has incorporated scripture with original paintings by Lt. Colonel Carole Voisey and centers on the ancient spiritual discipline of Lectio Divina, or sacred reading. This discipline helps the reader engage in the Scriptures in a way that helps you intimately encounter God.

This year’s prayer resource will give you two options as to how you can experience the Word. There will be scripture written on the page for you to read, but there will also be a QR Code that can be scanned so you can use this time to have the word read to you and the steps of Lectio Divina audibly mapped out for you to follow.

You can also find the audio files by clicking here or by clicking on the Just Listen picture.

“O Holy One, I hear and say so many words, yet Yours is the word I need. Speak now, and help me listen; and, if what I hear is silence, let it quiet me, let it disturb me, let it touch my need, let it break my pride, let it shrink my certainties, let it enlarge my wonder. Amen.”  Guerrillas of Grace by Ted Loder

So make sure you do not leave the Pavilion on the Saturday evening of the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings (July 30, 2016) without your Prayer Kit in hand. God wants to meet with you in a way that you may have never experienced before.

Once you have completed your journey in Lectio Divina this resource booklet can be displayed at home or your place of work where you can be reminded of your time with God, look at the beautiful artwork that is contained in it and gain wisdom, strength and comfort from the scripture printed in on its pages.

OOB Camp Meetings are a wonderful way to reconnect with friends, worship Christ as one body, and experience the Him through the love letter He has written specifically for you. All you need to do is listen.


 For more information on Lectio Divina and to find additional resources on this practice, click here

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