On Learning of Priority! Coming to an End

Letters_1While we must always agree with Scripture, it is times like this when we wish that the time for the continuance of Priority! did not have a fixed time or season (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Having been the secretary for personnel when Priority! was launched in the spring of 1999, [I find it] difficult to picture “life without Priority!” Marilyn and I will dearly miss receiving this extraordinary publication.

Commissioner William W. Francis
Orlando, FL 


In the early days of considering the publication of the Priority! magazine, little did we realize how widespread the interest in such a publication would be.

The Priority! staff has far exceeded initial expectations. The magazine has become a most inspirational, informative, and readable publication, one that we have all looked forward to reading over the past 15 years. We will miss Priority! but anxiously await the proposed new Communications Department publication.

Lt. Colonel Albert E. Avery
Lancaster, PA

Avery was secretary for business administration in the USA Eastern Territory at the time of Priority!’s founding.


Most magazines get tossed aside with a promise to read them later.  When Priority! arrives, I pick it up to glance at it and an hour later I’m still reading, savoring each article. I love reading about staff and volunteers who have made a difference in their world. I enjoy reading about those who have been blessed by the Army ministry. The articles are well–written, the pictures excellent, the whole presentation inspiring. Thank you for impacting my world!

Chris Frey
Wayne, PA 


I was saddened to learn of the demise of Priority! magazine. For 15 years this truly American publication set the standard for Army journalism, both in content and in presentation. It portrayed, in a remarkable way, the firmly rooted but ever–changing ministry of The Salvation Army, particularly as it affected for good and for God the vast variety of people who came under the Army’s influence.

Commissioner Robert E. Thomson
Clearwater, FL


I was there for the birth and I remember it well, being [responsible for] Community Relations & Development in the territory at that time. In that position I was the recipient of many responses to the first edition—and not one negative—unheard of in this Army! From that first edition came a long line of editions that have made a real difference in the outreach, mission, and fervor of this Salvation Army!

Major Gary Miller
Clearwater, FL


We [editor Linda Johnson and I] sat together at a luncheon table at an event held in Newark, N.J., some years ago. You shared your excitement about the new publication that you were going to create. As they would say in my home place in southern Indiana: “You done good!”

Lt. Colonel Clarence W. Kinnett
Lexington, KY


Thank you for 15 years of faithful service through the ministry of Priority! What most impressed me were the stories of changed lives through the transforming power of Jesus Christ, and His use of servant leaders in The Salvation Army.

Major Ed Forster
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Forster is former national editor–in–chief and literary secretary.


We have appreciated Priority! Your articles on people throughout the territory expanded our Army as we march together.

Majors Sidney & Betty Anderson
Lititz, PA


Priority! magazine was always erudite without being intimidating. Each issue allowed us to identify with the people who make up the richness of the Salvation Army family. Thank you and your staff for your professionalism and inspiration.

Major John R. Cheydleur
Syracuse, NY 


I would like to give my sincere thanks to all of those who have worked together to make Priority! for the past 15 years.

Priority! helped us in our spiritual growth in those years. We were able to feel the presence and power of God working through many believers. It had been a very important record of His ministry in action through the people who believe in Him, especially through the Salvation Army soldiers.

Lt. Colonel C. David Kim
Editor, Korean Good News! 

Favorite Articles

Having been stationed in Western Pennsylvania when 9/11 happened, we were moved by the sensitive coverage of that tragedy in Priority! and the follow–up anniversary edition.

Lt. Colonels Joseph & Gladys DeMichael
Clearwater, FL

For more letters about the 9/11 issues, see the ‘We Were There’ feature.


The article about Major Kelly Collins, who had a stroke, is my suggestion [“A Double–Stroke Miracle,” Winter 2014]. She is now a divisional commander. She is a wonderful, caring Christian. She was with me through four surgeries for breast cancer. I can’t tell you how much that meant (and means) to me!

Freida J. Williams
West Bloomfield, MA


Letters_2The article I was most blessed by was about the older couple who baked cookies … for people that really needed the encouragement [Summer 2007, “Florida ‘Cookie Man’ Delivers Sweet Joy”]. It struck me that even though we get older, there is always something we can do if we just look harder for it. Someone needs some love. In the simple ways.

Colonel Sharon Tillsley
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 


I especially liked the article about Brigadier Clifton Sipley [Winter 2000]. He was truly a man of God and the article was a great tribute to him.

Betty Soderstrom
Jamestown, NY


Letters_3Within the last 18 months, an article appeared in which one of your workers told the story of her husband donating his body to a medical school [“Regifting,” Summer 2013]. It resonated with me since I have decided to do the same thing.

The article reinforced my desire to do so since the arguments made by her husband were so compelling.

Ed Mathis
Villanova, PA

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