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Officer catches Strikepoint vision

Captain Margie Lanchester says since attending the “Strikepoint” sessions on Commissioning Weekend, God has put that vision on her heart.

“We need to make a difference in our community, our corps, and in our homes,” she said. “And it starts with me.”

Lanchester, the corps officer at Newark Urban Ministries, continued, “It’s time to stop complaining about what someone else did or did not do. We need to ask, ‘What am I going to do?’ Complaining does not change lives or hearts. We need to stop and look at the man or woman in the mirror.”

For Lanchester, the vision will start this fall at The Salvation Army’s Newark Urban Mission on Brookdale Avenue. She has organized a “Community Outreach Day” with a theme of “Come Back to Church.”

“Come back to God, come back to worship, come back to church,” she said. “Come and join God’s Army; there is room for all.”

Lanchester’s idea dovetails with the “Strikepoint” vision of Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, territorial commander, which includes “Integrated Urban Mission.”

“We must approach our cities with renewed commitment, vision, and strategy,” Swanson has said of the integrated mission. “We were born an urban movement. That is our strength and calling, and it is a responsibility we must shoulder.”

Among those corps that will be involved are the Newark West Side Corps (Captains James and Maria Stephenson), the Newark Ironbound Corps (Lieutenant Darrell Houseton), and Area Services of Newark (Majors Joaquin and Kathleen Calvo), Lanchester said.

The exact date for the event is not yet known. The Salvation Army, which has invited the local health department and other health vendors, must get permission from the city to block off the street.

“It will be sometime in late September or early October,” she said.

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by Robert Mitchell

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