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Nichole Nordeman to perform at OOB

Contemporary Christian singer Nichole Nordeman carries a bit of a secret around with her when she tours the country.

“Many people may think I’m a real ‘people person,’ but I am not,” she said almost apologetically. “It does surprise people because the personality that I give off is pretty friendly and I feel like I can handle myself well in large groups.

“I am really a profoundly private and introverted person, and my perfect vacation is with about 12 books in a cabin by myself,” said the singer who makes her home in Tulsa, Okla.

It’s not a dual personality, Nichole insists. It is a phenomenon she has accepted and has managed as a person frequently in the spotlight.

When she does step into that light as a singer, she reflects Christ’s love.

The award–winning performer aims to reflect His love this summer at the Salvation Army’s Old Orchard Beach Camp Meeting as the closing act on Aug. 1 at 7 p.m.

Although this will be the first time the 42–year–old artist will perform in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, she has sung in nearby Portland and has fond memories of her time there.

“I remember feeling so warm and welcomed by that community,” Nichole says. “It’s funny that when you travel, you associate different regions of the country with different things. The people there are so kind and no–nonsense and warm and engaging.”

Nichole, a two–time Gospel Music Association winner for Female Vocalist of the Year and the recipient of nine Dove awards, says she has several new songs ready for an upcoming album but is not sure if she will be ready to debut any at OOB. However, her fans shouldn’t worry. She has a bevy of No. 1 and top 10 singles from which to choose.

“I certainly will enjoy pulling from my usual repertoire of old and newer material,” Nichole says. “My live performance is usually a singer–songwriter night. It’s just me at a piano … creating a pretty organic feel and sound. It won’t sound like records. I love performing. It will be an intimate performance.”

For her, inspiration for writing music comes from a variety of sources, including life experiences, newspaper stories, or even conversations with friends.

“You have to live life before you can write songs, (and) I think it’s about both inspiration and discipline,” she said. “Inspiration is not going to fall out of the sky. You have to work at it like any craft, but those moments often come from poems, Scriptures, a conversation with a friend—those are moments of inspiration.”

This singer, who grew up in a home that was always filled with Gospel music, said it is also about the “faithfulness of the craft.” And as the mother of two young children, she was forced to make a choice at the height of her singing career.

“Most of my friends are working women, and many are artists with husbands and children, and they [manage life] well. I struggled to be a great mom and a great artist. I straddled that fence for many years, and finally, when my youngest was three, I said, I’m done. I felt that my heart was divided,” she said.

“I went to my label and said, ‘I need to take off my artist hat and put on my mom hat all the way…and when I feel like I have a green light to come back, I will let you know.’”

That green light stayed off for six years, and during her hiatus, she had another baby.

She still wrote music. However, her children’s schedules came first.

“I got to tuck my kids in every night and still use my gift. I’m really grateful God made a way for that to happen,” she said.

by Robert Mitchell


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