I’ve always loved the writing of anyone who could take the alphabet and turn it into a little army of 26 soldiers, send them forth to march across a page, and occupy the territory with beauty, depth, poetry, humor, and truth. This is the talent of Nichole.  —Luci Swindoll

After 10 years, 9 Dove Awards—including two for “Female Vocalist of the Year”—rifling through the collection of songs she’s written since even before her 1998 signing with Sparrow Records was akin to rediscovering the pages of an old journal, many years removed from today.

“Looking back,”Nichole says, “it seems there was this little window of time, about ten years ago, when suddenly singers and songwriters just became incredibly accepted and welcomed—with all of our struggles and questions. It was a hand full of us; Chris Rice, Jennifer Knapp, Ginny Owens, and several others who just showed up one day with music about our messy lives. And for whatever reason, it seemed as though people were ready to embrace that kind of honesty. And so, there was a real opportunity, I think, to wrestle out loud with my salvation and with what God was teaching me in all of my questions and the angst that came with that.”

Stories, questions, mysteries, doubts, weaknesses, courage, sorrows, revelation, and truth; haunting melodies, gorgeous hooks, and Nichole’s lilting voice; this is the substance, the introspection, and intelligence that is more than a decade in the making. These are the recollections of a young woman working out her own salvation with fear and trembling. And somehow along the way, we’ve all become braver, stronger, and freer for having heard them.

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