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Need a Costume?

Visit Your Local Salvation Army Family Store.

Halloween is fast approaching, and you may find yourself in need of a scary or funny disguise to help celebrate the holiday. Your local Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center has all the garments and accessories needed to make your own original costume for a night of Trick or Treat with family or host a small party at home.

Here are six ideas for your next Halloween outfit, and remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing if you are going trick or treating. Happy hunting!


Punk/rock star

Thrift stores are one of the best places to find vintage music T–shirts. Combine a band tee with black jeans and black boots or canvas sneakers for a quick and easy rocker disguise. A colorful wig or blue denim vest can complete your punk music look.


Hippie/60’s child

A 60’s Woodstock style is all about bright colors, polyester textures, and tie–dye tees. Long, flowy “flower child” dresses are also in abundance at thrift stores. Accessorize your look with headbands, beads, sunglasses or sandals.



With an old suit, tie, and shirt from the Salvation Army racks and some simple pale make–up, you can whip up your own zombie costume in no time. Add a few rips and tears to the outfit to make it look like you’ve been “walking dead” all night. Don’t worry if the clothes are a size too big or small; zombies don’t think much about the perfect fit anyway.



This is one of the easiest costumes to make yourself. All you need is a flannel shirt and jeans (or overalls) and put on a pair of gloves and work boots; the older, the better. Carry around a small (safe to handle) shovel or outdoor tool.



A good tourist needs a Hawaiian shirt over a plain white T–shirt and cargo shorts to hold souvenirs from numerous trips. You can also wear long white socks, flip flops, and even a “dad cap” from a vacation spot or famous attraction. Finally, check to see if your Salvation Army thrift store sells old film cameras for snapping photos and making memories.


Sports Fan

Sports are back on television, and with them come devoted, cheering audiences. Look for a jersey of a team you root for (or against) and paint your face to match their colors. You can be a fan who celebrates wins or suffers defeats. Use paper or cardboard to make a sign with a victorious, bragging message (We’re #1!) or a sad, hopeful one (Still waiting for our first win…).


Whether you find your entire Halloween costume at a Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center or just a few select pieces, know that your purchases are helping The Salvation Army continue to do the most good in your community this October and all year round.

by Hugo Bravo

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