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My Second Chance


In my younger years, I was rebellious, living to please me rather than the Lord. As an adult, I found myself in an abusive relationship. I lived with a man who had said, “If you ever leave me, I will kill you.”

One day, I finally mustered the courage to say to him, “I want you out of my life.” And to my surprise, he agreed. He asked only that I give him a week to find another place to live.

I was a fool to let him stay that week.

At the end of seven days, he was still there. When I confronted him about it, he stormed out of the house and into the backyard, leaving the door wide open. At that moment, a voice from within me screamed, close the door! It was a dire warning from my all–powerful God.

But I answered Him loudly, saying, “I’m not closing that door. It will just cause more fighting.”

Before I could walk away, my abuser returned. He struck me with his knee, grabbed my chest with one hand, and raised a knife in the other. I screamed as he plunged it with great force.

He stabbed repeatedly. The blood gushed from me.

My grandchildren heard the commotion. They bravely defended me with broomsticks, cans, and anything from the kitchen they could get their hands on.

I broke free and grabbed the sharp end of the knife. I thought I would lose my fingers, but God protected my hands. I looked into my attacker’s flaming eyes, and said, “You are not going to kill me.”

When he realized I was holding on, he stopped. He appeared confused, as if he had suddenly awakened from a bad dream. This moment was my only chance to escape. But I had to disarm him, somehow.

I yanked the knife completely from his grip and quickly stabbed him twice. Still holding the knife, and covered in my own blood, I scuttled out of the house with the children. We cried for help.

A second chance

I opened my eyes to find myself in complete darkness. But then, I saw a little star glowing in the distance. This frightened me. I covered my eyes with my hands, but continued to look curiously between my fingers. The star came closer and got brighter until its yellow light filled my vision. I slowly lowered my hands. I instinctively knew that the light was from God.

Convulsions shook my body. I became aware of a bright room filled with people in white uniforms. I woke up in a hospital, receiving electric shocks from doctors who were desperately trying to save my life.

In the book of Psalms 32:8–9, God says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, and guide you with my eye. Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding.”

I now see that God had warned me about the dangers. And even when I refused to listen, He still planted my feet on solid ground.

When I recovered from my attack, I learned that churches from all over my hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico had prayed for me, and I went back to each of them to thank them for their prayers. One of those churches was the Salvation Army’s Ponce Corps, to which I now belong. I now have a family that is dedicated to the word of God. I hear His voice and I serve Him.

If you are going through a situation such as mine, do not stay in an abusive relationship, believing it might get better tomorrow. Seek help now from trusted people and from God.

He saved me, He has stayed with me, and I will live to give Him the glory.

by Soldier Ada Laporte

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