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Saturday night’s Praise & Prayer Gathering reached its crescendo when Victor Morales sang “This is Amazing Grace” in Spanish and then in English.

About half of the Messengers of Light session graduates were Hispanic and members of their families were in the audience.

Morales said later, “We noticed when we sang a song in Spanish, a lot of people would sing. I didn’t expect that so many people would be singing.”

The gathering featured the Eastern Territorial Songsters and several of the territory’s top musicians and singers, including Morales, Anna Street, Doug Berry, Lieutenant Swetha Vincent, James Bernabe, Tony Cenname, Cindy Pettiford, and many others.

Another highlight was a multi-language version of “How Great Thou Art” featuring Vincent (Hindi), Bernabe (Creole), Street (English) and Morales (Spanish).

Morales, who came to Commissioning Weekend as part of a group from the San Juan Central Corps in Puerto Rico, said he was honored to be a member of the praise band.

“It’s a great opportunity,” he says. “The importance of this is that we all do it together. We have the opportunity to be up here leading the people. I’m grateful for that. And I’m reminded that Jesus Christ is the point of all this.”

Morales, now 24, began singing when he was 6. A soldier, he helps lead worship at San Juan Central.

“Music is my thing,” he said. “I have been playing and singing since I was little. Every time I get the chance to do something like this, it’s nice.”

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