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‘Mom’s home!’

The other day, I waited impatiently for a driver to finally complete a right turn into the flow of traffic. From my view, the way had been clear for at least 10 seconds—ample time to have made the turn. I gave a slight “honk” to facilitate things.

When both our cars were side–by–side, I glanced at the driver who had tried my patience.

When I saw the shriveled, grey–haired lady, her wrinkled hands tightly gripping the wheel, and her chin high as she struggled to see, my heart melted.

At that point, all I could do was pray she got home okay. My discontent was replaced by the thought that some adult son, daughter, grandchild, or husband was probably also praying she would safely survive the drive.

Although my mom never drove a car, or lived to be that old, I still felt the same love for this stranger, who will forever remain oblivious to my existence.

I thought, if I had another chance to be kind to her, I would, because that’s what I would hope someone would do for my mom, if she were alive today.

In the next issue, we’ll take a look at some Salvation Army moms who are young, alive, well, and spreading God’s love to family and others as only they can.

In the process, we hope to touch at least one aspect of motherhood that will resonate with you.

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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