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Mobilizing in Newark

Soldier Velda Steele

Every year, The Salvation Army’s Newark (Westside), N.J., Corps’ KINSHIP program sponsors information fairs to make sure people in the community know what services are available to assist them. To facilitate these fairs, we send invitations to about 100 organizations. Typically, about 30–40 respond. Their representatives come to our corps gym, set up tables, and talk to attendees about the help they can provide as part of our community ministry.     These services include access to clothing and doctors, cosmetic services, and even assistance with moving furniture. New this year is a table from Mary Kay that will offer facials and manicures to the women.

These services mobilize the older members of our ministry. Many of them want to get out of their homes and be involved. They want to be active in the church and to socialize. Many are alone. Their families live too far to be part of their daily lives.

At the corps, they can share their hopes, dreams, problems, and concerns about themselves, their families, and their community. People who suffer loneliness find a second family here.

We want to say to our community, “We will give you food, find assistance for you, help you heal, and show you the love of Christ. We also want you to feel good about yourself. We want you to make friends and to socialize. We want you to feel pampered (if you can’t do it for yourself) because this is another way of uplifting your spirit.”

— by Rosario Reimon–Jenkins,
Director of the KINSHIP/GFSC (Grand Family Success Center)
at the Newark Westside Corps

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