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Messengers of Light

(Above) Cadet Bree Barker (salutatorian) and Cadet Trisha Smouse (valedictorian) take a selfie.

Cadet Bree Barker (salutatorian) and Cadet Trisha Smouse (valedictorian) take a selfie.

Commissioning is a momentous occasion. It’s a time when men and women who’ve committed themselves to Christian ministry through The Salvation Army are ordained, commissioned, and appointed to serve as officers (pastors) throughout the USA Eastern Territory and beyond.

“Light in the Bible was always created by fire,” said Lt. Colonel Herbert C. Rader, MD, at the Appointment Service. He challenged the Messengers of Light session to be the lights that will show people the way to Christ.

“These lamps were never designed to be admired or to call attention to themselves … Every burning lamp had to be lighted from an existing fire … To burn brightly in the world, as you are now commissioned to do, you must live close to that source; you must live in the presence of God.”

Sitting behind Rader on the platform were Lieutenants Elijah Moretz, Victor Morales, and Jamie Suhoney among their 43 sessionmates. During their future days of hard work at a corps or an ARC, be it in an urban center or in a suburban or rural setting, a spiritual light will continue burning brightly within them.

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Taking the Light into Darkness

Colonel Janet Munn, principal of the College for Officer Training, offered a striking statistic about the Messengers of Light session: 27 of the 46 cadets came to Christ through The Salvation Army.



The College for Officer Training (CFOT) in partnership with the Territorial Committee for Salvationists of African Descent presented the first annual CSM Edward Gooding, O.F., Award of Excellence.


A Salvationist Legacy

Elisha Moretz chose 2 Kings 2:9 to be read upon his commissioning as a Salvation Army officer because it involves his biblical namesake and much more.  Moretz is the grandson of Commissioners Lawrence R. and Nancy A. Moretz, former territorial leaders in the USA East.



Carol Jaudes says that ‘Moses’ was a high point of her 16 years with The Salvation Army.

“Ten years ago, we could not have done ‘Moses’ like we would have wanted,” she said. “But today, we created it from scratch, with directors, dancers, and creative minds straight from the Army.



Commissioners Swanson Retire

Rarely if ever have two Salvation Army territories met at the crossroads of ministry in such a visually dramatic way. That was the case during the official retirement service for Commissioners Barry C. and E. Sue Swanson held at the Hershey Lodge and Conference Center on June 12.



The Chains are Gone

During the Fellowship of the Silver Star dinner held during Commissioning Weekend, Cadet Jamie Suhoney recalled the words his mother repeatedly said to him when he struggled with drugs and alcohol.


Warren L. Maye, Robert Mitchell, and Hugo Bravo contributed to this story.
Photography by Ryan Love.

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