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Mascots Take Over Boston!

Blades the Bruin (Boston Bruins)

Wally the Green Monster (Boston Red Sox)

Wally the Green Monster (Boston Red Sox)

When a festively decorated Salvation Army truck arrived in front of Macy’s in the Boston, Mass., Downtown Crossing, a crowd of shoppers and people eating lunch wondered who or what could be inside the vehicle.

The gathering erupted in cheers when men and women in mascot costumes from the New England Patriots (football), Boston Bruins (hockey), Boston Red Sox (baseball), Boston Celtics (basketball), and New England Revolution (soccer) teams emerged. They were there to participate in the first–ever Salvation Army Red Kettle Mascot Challenge.

Lucky the Leprechaun (Boston Celtics)

Lucky the Leprechaun (Boston Celtics)


Slyde the Fox (New England Revolution)

Led by the Salvation Army’s own mascot, “Captain Red,” each mascot took charge of a red kettle and competed to see who could collect the most money to kick off the kettle season in Boston.

While ringing bells and collecting for the Army, the mascots posed for selfies and group photos with children and families. Lucky the Leprechaun, mascot for the Boston Celtics, thrilled the audience with backflips and ball tricks whenever anyone dropped a donation in his kettle.

Pat Patriot (New England Patriots)

Pat Patriot (New England Patriots)

Lieutenant Darell Houseton, corps officer of the Boston, Mass., Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center who also emceed the event, said the Army’s connection with the sports world is a great opportunity to engage with the community.

“This provides a visible and energetic way for everyone to participate in the mission of The Salvation Army,” said Houseton.

by Hugo Bravo

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