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12 Sep 2020

COVID–19: Lessons from 9/11

In 2001, Major Samuel Gonzalez served as a corps officer in Buffalo, N.Y. Every Wednesday, he hosted prayer services for about 25 people. “They were usually the more committed ones

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11 Sep 2020

A day like any other

The morning of September 11, 2001 began as would any other day for Major Thomas Applin. As the divisional secretary for the Empire State Division, one of his responsibilities was

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10 Sep 2020

America changed that day

Just two weeks before Sept. 11, 2001, our family had been vacationing in downtown Manhattan. We never imagined what would eventually take place right where we stood. It seems like

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09 Sep 2020

Full Zoom Ahead?

COVID–19 forced many church leaders to change the way they held services and interacted with their congregations. Will this be the future in a post–pandemic world? After COVID–19 caused the

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08 Sep 2020

Shine the Light

Federal grant will help Army fight human trafficking. Gratitude looked like a bright smile on Sarah Medina’s face as she thought about the wonderful support that she and her colleagues

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06 Sep 2020

Ministry in Masks: Territorial leaders reflect on COVID–19

“The face mask will forever be a symbol of this time in history. Although it is typically used to hide one’s identity, our people have used it to reveal who

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05 Sep 2020

A back–to–school gift

The annual Back–to–School Distribution of backpacks at TD Garden, hosted by the Salvation Army’s Massachusetts Division, is usually a day–long celebration. The stadium, home to the Boston Celtics and Boston

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03 Sep 2020

A Message of Thanks to Salvationists

General Brian Peddle, The Salvation Army’s international leader, issued a call to prayer, urging Christians to pray into the current coronavirus situation with urgency. In particular, Sunday April 19, 2020

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02 Sep 2020

Back to School Bash

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The Pittsburgh, Pa., Temple’s 5th annual “Back to School Bash” went on this year despite COVID-19 putting a damper on the fun. In

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23 Mar 2020

Ven y Siéntate

He aquí un devocional que te ayudará a cómo manejar estos días de ansiedad.  Medítalo individualmente, explora las preguntas de discusión en línea con un grupo, o compártelo con alguien

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31 Jan 2020

Vasos escogidos

El jarrón contenía 13 rosas rosadas, cada una con un versículo de la Biblia unido por una cinta. Eran para una amiga que estaba a punto de hacerse una segunda

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08 Jan 2020

Gathering 2020

Check out the new format of Gathering material.  It is now suited for all adults and includes a Dig Deeper section. Accesa el nuevo material de Encuentro 2020!  Ahora, está

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23 Dec 2019

En esta Navidad…

Los días avanzan, el tiempo se acorta y sentimos que no hay suficientes horas en el día para realizar todo lo que se espera que hagamos en esta temporada navideña.

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23 Dec 2019

La buena nueva debe ser Compartida

Y al verlo, dieron a conocer lo que se les había dicho acerca del niño —Lucas 2:17 Cuando alguien ha experimentado algo bueno, no puede dejar de hablar de eso.

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20 Dec 2019

Él me hizo recordar

Ah, Navidad, la época más hermosa y anhelada por mí. Esa temporada me huele a pino y a postres recién horneados con olor a canela y a clavos dulces. Especias

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