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Lt. Colonels Reynolds retire

On June 9, 2014, in West Nyack, N.Y., Lt. Colonels Blanche L. and James W. Reynolds retired from active service as Salvation Army officers. Lt. Colonel James Reynolds had served as secretary for business administration, and Lt. Colonel Blanche Reynolds had served as program resource manager in the Program Section.

Approximately 250 family, friends, officers, and employees gathered at the Eastern Territory Headquarters (THQ) to express appreciation for the Lt. Colonels Reynolds’ 38 years of faithful ministry.

The service began with an exciting timbrel drill in recognition of three generations of family in The Salvation Army  (Lt. Colonel Blanche Reynolds, Captain Amy Merchant, and granddaughters Mariah, Madison, and Meaghan Merchant).

Lt. Colonel Gary Aschperslager, an “Overcomers” sessionmate of the Lt. Colonels Reynolds (1974–76), welcomed everyone. Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, territorial commander, offered a heartfelt prayer. Then Lt. Colonel Hugh Steele, Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) commander, shared a thoughtful devotional based upon the New Testament book of Philemon.

Matthew Reynolds and Captain Amy Merchant, the Lt. Colonel Reynolds’ son and daughter, offered a touching tribute to their parents. Then Madison and Meaghan Merchant, the Reynolds’ granddaughters,  performed a worshipful sacred dance.

Major Margaret Davis, director of women’s Ministries and retired officers’ representative for the Massachusetts Division, blessed the festivities by singing “He’s Been Faithful.” Commissioners Eva D. and Israel L. Gaither then presented the Lt. Colonels Reynolds with their retirement certificates. The Gaithers thanked the Lord for the Reynolds’ combined 76 years of service.

In response, the Reynolds thanked the Lord for His faithfulness throughout their ministry as officers. Major James M. Betts III, general secretary for the Greater New York Division, led the congregation in the spirited singing of “Victory in Jesus.”

In conclusion, Dr. Paul Wood, a family friend, offered the benediction. He and his wife, Dr. Kathleen Wood, were instrumental in the life of Lt. Colonel Blanche Reynolds during her formative years.

Everyone then enjoyed a time of fellowship in the THQ dining room.

by Lt. Colonel James Reynolds

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