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Looking forward to OOB

Charles Baker, Montclair (Citadel), N.J., Corps bandmaster for 35 years, understands the rich “musical tradition” of the Old Orchard Beach (OOB) Camp Meetings.

As a child, Baker made music at OOB. Today, he is excited about bringing his 33–member corps band to the camp meetings.

“This is a very prestigious event to do,” Baker said. “It’s an attractive place to visit because it’s very familiar to us. It’s always a big reunion there among Salvationists. We’re looking forward to it from that point of view.”

Going to OOB is an annual pilgrimage for some band members. Other members are new to the tradition. “I’m particularly happy for them,” said Baker. “Now,they’ll finally get to see it.”

The Montclair Band will support Commissioners Dick and Vibeke Krommenhoek, territorial leaders of the Norway, Iceland & the Faroes Territory, who are this year’s special guests. They will open the meetings by speaking on Saturday, July 26, and Sunday, July 27.

The Eastern Territorial Songsters, ARC Chorus, and M–Band from Norway will also be performing during the first weekend.

Baker said Montclair’s band will also perform on Monday, July 28, during the annual march and during a joint concert with Point of Grace, a popular Christian singing group.

In recent years, several top Army bands have performed at the camp meetings on Monday nights. “We’re hoping this will be a good combination,” Baker said.

In July, the Montclair band will schedule a few extra rehearsals to get ready for OOB. Last October, the band performed in Ontario, and in December, with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

“Besides what we do in our own corps, we’re quite active with other things,” said Baker, who is the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s principal trombonist.

“It’s a life’s calling for me to be involved with The Salvation Army at the corps level. It’s a really nice situation and we play every [Sunday] morning in Montclair for our worship. That, of course, is our first responsibility, but we’ve managed to do quite a number of other things, and that’s good. It stretches us musically.”

Following the joint concert at OOB on Monday night, the Krommenhoeks will speak again Tuesday, July 29, and will be joined by Crossfire Brass, delegates to the LEAD conference, and the Hands on Mission teams who will share testimonies from their time in India and Zimbabwe.

On Wednesday, July 30, the Creative Arts Services Team (CAST) will perform “Honk!”

On Thursday, July 31, all festivities will take place at the Pier and include Crossfire Brass, actors, singers, illusionists, and Salvationists who will share their testimonies.


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