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Living in Pakistan

For two years, my wife and I had an opportunity to minister in Pakistan. Living in many parts of that country is akin to stepping back into the Bible days.

Have you ever dreamt what your life would be like if you lived when Jesus walked on this earth? Living in such an ancient and different culture from the one we were accustomed to proved life–changing.

One of the things that I came to realize is that, even though we are of a different culture, there is so much that we have in common with the people of Pakistan.

We worked side–by–side with them, shared meals in their homes, and worshiped together. We asked many questions and shared answers among us that allowed us to learn from each other.

We enjoyed fun and laughter as well as suffered sorrow and wept together. We were challenged by a language we tried so hard to learn, but often needed proper interpretation to understand it. When I preached, I hoped that my interpreter understood what I was saying accurately enough to share my heart with the congregation in his or her own language.

I found souls that were hungry and longing to be fed the Gospel as well as tender hearts wanting to love and to be loved.

One day, a terrible flood brought death and destruction to Pakistan. The Salvation Army provided relief to thousands of people, thanks to generous gifts from all around the world.

I saw gratitude in the faces of survivors, many of whom were of a different faith than mine, but knew that Christians who wanted to do what was possible to help them represented The Salvation Army.

This is love in action. I’m glad to have served God in this way.

Today at this very moment, hungry souls and tender hearts are within walking distance of you.

—Major Dennis Gensler

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