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Live in Grace- Walk in Love

Devotional Review
Live in Grace- Walk in Love  by Bob Goff

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12


Live in Grace – Walk in Love is a 365-day journey of reminders of God’s love for us, and how we can pour that love out to others by putting our faith into action. Every devotional begins with scripture, a thought, story, or reflection from Bob and ends with a question or two to think about. Like many devotionals, it is packed with wisdom, insight, and Biblical reference, and this one with just enough humor to let you know that God delights in our joy. Some of the devotions use the same scripture a few times, but a different story or thought comes from it. What makes this devotional different is that he leads you to contemplate and think about how YOU can go out and love like Jesus. Not just transform within, but outward, too. Bob not only speaks these words but lives by them. He has seen firsthand how loving others has impacted individuals, families, the disadvantaged, communities, and countries.

“Don’t just talk about love. Walk in love.” – Bob Goff

This devotional and journaling are a perfect pair. As you sit in the comfort of a quiet place, read, reflect, and journal the thoughts and words that God is placing on your heart. May you be encouraged by love, walk in love, be love.

“Don’t just talk about love. Walk in love.” – Bob Goff



written by Joanna Polarek, Resource Coordinator, SLD, USA East

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