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I appreciate all that your team is doing with SAConnects. I am so glad to finally have something in my hand and on the web that I can positively share in my ministry to others. Keep up the great work!

— Corps Officer Lt. Stephen Mayes
Staten Island, N.Y., Corps

I’d like to express thanks and appreciation to the SAConnects staff for the three Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) ministries articles featured in the (“Building a Foundation,” July/August 2016). Your staff is to be commended for capturing these stories from the Boston, Mass., Worcester, Mass., and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., ARCs. Well done. Thank you and God bless!

—Lt. Colonel Hugh Steele
Adult Rehabilitation Centers Commander

Thank you so much for posting that article in SAConnects (“The Army’s first Café Ministry,” June 2016). It brought back fond memories from my days in Greenwich Village. I reminisce about those days and I miss them. I loved The Answer and the Village. It was one of my favorite appointments in The Salvation Army.

—Major Brian J. Figueroa
Asbury Park, N.J.

Congratulations on receiving the Evangelical Press Association’s Award of Merit. I believe it is a well–deserved honor. I was pleasantly surprised to read the article “Profile Night 37” (SAConnects, July/Aug. 2016). Tom Scheibner did a great job of highlighting the essence of the evening. Robert Mitchell’s sidebar was spot on. Please express to your staff my gratitude and appreciation. God bless you all.

—Major Thomas Mack
Hewlett, N.Y


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