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‘Less Than’

a battle for self–esteem

There is an ongoing battle raging within the souls of men and women and, if allowed, it will overtake the soul health that Jesus died to give us. It’s the battle against “less than.” The constant struggle of trying to measure up to what we perceive to be acceptable in the eyes of family, friends, coworkers, God, and ourselves.
These deadly mind games affect everyone, but are particularly prelevant in the souls of women and are expressed in these and other familiar thoughts:

“You’re not quite measuring up.”

“You’ve missed the mark.”LessThan

“Almost, but not quite.”

“Failed again.”

“Why keep trying?”

You may add thoughts of your own to the list that negatively influence your self–esteem and make you feel less than who you truly are. We must take a good, hard look at these phrases of condemnation. They promote an ongoing feeling of denunciation with no redemption in sight.

In the battle against “less than,” we must have the conviction that God’s word is true. Here is some truth from His word:

“So now I put you in God’s hands. I entrust
you to the message of God’s grace, a message
that has the power to build you up and to give
you rich heritage among all who are set apart
for God’s holy purposes.”

  —Acts 20:32 (VOICE)

God also directs us to be aware of our thought patterns at their earliest inception so that we successfully avoid a dark, destructive path that leads us away from His purposes for our lives. So, think on those things that are “pure, lovely, admirable and praiseworthy” (Philippians 4:8) and let those thoughts take root in your mind.

The Dove Movement for Self–Esteem has some amazing resources to help get you started. Go to the link below and share them today with a girl or woman who needs encouragement to win the battle against “less than.”

by Major Lauren Hodgson

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