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LEAD Summit: July 29 – Aug 5

The Pier at Old Orchard Beach

Registration is now open for this year’s LEAD Lay Leadership Summit held in conjunction with the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings, July 29 – Aug 5. Last year’s gathering was an amazing chance for those who attended to grow in their faith and explore how to translate and apply what they learned into their local leadership context.

The teaching and conversations that will take place will equip, inspire, challenge, and encourage any Salvationist to go deeper into their faith, and to live out the Kingdom of God in new ways in their communities. This year’s LEAD Summit will be a chance for current and emerging leaders to receive specialized training, and participate in engaging discussion based workshops in several major tracks. Potential delegates will have the option of selecting two tracks in which they will participate throughout the week. Please note that as of 6/9 we have reached our capacity for childcare and will only be able to consider applicants without children. Thanks!

Please note that Registration for this event is now closed. Thanks!

Session 1 M-F 10:00 – 11:15am

Corps-Teams: This track is designed to strengthen the partnership between Corps Officers and Local Officers. Every Corps Team will be led through presentations, group discussions, and other learning experiences to explore crucial issues for enhancing C.O./L.O. partnerships. Delegates will return to their local situations better-equipped in group dynamics, conflict resolution, corporate discernment, transition planning, and mutual support. This track is exclusive to Corps-Teams (delegate groups that include Corps Officers with 2-4 local leaders.)

Small Group Laboratory: This track will provide experiential training in the fundamentals of small group ministry. There may be no better catalyst for Christian growth than deliberately gathering with small groups of people who invest in each other’s personal, moral, and spiritual formation. This workshop covers the key facets of a successful small group ministry by means of a set of guided small group experiences.

How to Shepherd Children: This track provides practical training for the work of discipleship among young people ages 5-12. The Army affirms the genuineness of children’s relationships with God – wherever they are on the continuum of discipleship, from a brand new Christian to a steady young saint. This major teaches you how to integrate standard curricula with discipleship; how to understand and address difficult behaviors; and how to prepare for your role as a YP leader, teacher, and shepherd. Participants will be invited to sign up as a volunteer at the Children’s Tent on the Pier.

Session 2 M-F 11:30 – 12:45am

Local Leadership Essentials: This track is designed to help develop competence in the essentials of Salvation Army Corps leadership. We will focus on the practical issues local Salvation Army leaders run into regularly. Topics include succession planning, corporate discernment, time-management, conflict resolution, and more!

Evangelism Boot-Camp: Not for the faint of heart, this track provides broad and intensive training in the values and practices of evangelism, with nightly experiences on the OOB Pier. The evangelism track involves training in both the general approach to evangelism – SALT – that is gaining currency across the Army world, as well as involvement in the unique Pier Ministry at OOB. All participants will engage nightly in the Salvation Factory’s 7-10pm Pier Ministry. Check out this video that illustrates what this unique ministry is all about. Please note that this track has reached capacity and is no longer available.

Youth Discipleship: A practical focus on leading teens through their unique journeys of following Jesus. Jr. and Sr. High schoolers have their own set of needs as we help them navigate their journey of discipleship. We will explore non-traditional models of youth ministry, the use of technology, and the particulars and practices of discipling today’s teens. Participants will be invited to sign up as a volunteer at the Children’s Tent on the Pier.

LEAD SkyEach morning following worship, Major Lauren Hodgson will lead our united sessions in which she will delve into our theme for the week “A Bigger Story”, exploring how our individual and collective stories are situated within God’s story, as well as how Christians in earlier times in history understood and negotiated their embeddedness and participation within that larger narrative. Captain Daniel Gomez will also lead us in a session covering basic small group ministry.

Breakfast, lunch, and suite-style lodging at the University of New England is all covered for the ridiculously low cost of $100. Translation services as well as childcare will be available. Dinner and transportation is a personal and/or appointment expense. Delegates should be adults (18-55, exceptions will be made case-by-case), steadily involved in a corps of the Eastern Territory, leading in any capacity, e.g., CSM, YPSM, Sunday School, social, small group, music, staff role, etc., and for any length of time. We encourage both novice and experienced leaders to attend! Don’t miss out on what is going to be a great opportunity!

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