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Registration is now open for this year’s LEAD Local Leadership Summit held in conjunction with the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings, July 28 – Aug 4.

Every leader needs concrete skills and relevant knowledge, as well as times of retreat and reflection, spiritual discipline and vocational discernment. The LEAD Summit weaves each of these into a week-long gathering of dedicated leaders from across the USA East. Each day we gather as a community, in inspiring worship; we practice life-changing spiritual disciplines; learn through expert instruction, hands-on experience, and dialogue; we connect deeply with peers; and acquire mission-critical skills and knowledge in classes that include such topics as, discipling young people, integrated mission, current social issues, how to lead children, small group discipleship, among others. You may also engage in formational experiences, such as spiritual disciplines, in-depth Bible study, or healing and intercessory prayer. Time is set apart for vocational discernment, private dialogue about actual on-the-ground challenges, and mapping your personal journey; so that when you return, you will be better equipped as an ambassador of Christ in your neighborhood and a leader in your corps.

The teaching and conversations that will take place will equip, inspire, challenge, and encourage any Salvationist to go deeper into their faith, and to live out the Kingdom of God in new ways in their communities. This year’s LEAD Summit will be a chance for current and emerging leaders to receive specialized training, and participate in engaging discussion based workshops in several major tracks. Potential delegates will have the option of selecting two tracks in which they will participate throughout the week. Click the Track Description tab above for more details.

Breakfast, lunch, and suite-style lodging at the University of New England is all covered for the ridiculously low cost of $100. Don’t miss out on what will be a great time of learning, growth, and fun! Click the Registration tab above for, or HERE for information about how to sign up.

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The tracks below are designed for leaders looking to build their skill and knowledge base in key ministry areas of interest. There are four tracks available during each Session. Delegates will select two classes (one per session) to participate in throughout the week.

We recognize the value in developing corps leadership from a team-based approach, and so we are once again inviting “Corps-Teams” to register for LEAD. A typical Corps-Team would include 1 Corps Officer and 2-4 key local leaders. It is recommended that at least one of these is an “up-and-coming”, or emerging leader. Please note individuals who come as part of a Corps-Team are free to attend any of the tracks below. While not a requirement, it is recommended Corps-Teams stay together wherever possible.

The tracks marked (CT) have been designed with Corps-Teams in mind.

Session 1 – 10:25-11:35am

Small Group Disciple-Making (CT) Jesus instructed the disciples he had been forming to also make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). Small groups are environments for personal formation (being made) and joint mission (making disciples). In this class, you’ll learn crucial skills and concepts for being a small-group disciple-maker and nurturing a small-group ministry in your corps. Majors Penny and Terry Shaffer – Instructional Team. Lieutenant Lizbeth Rosado (Translator)

Sunday Morning Worship (CT) Weekly worship is central to our life as a corps. We all have the potential to touch lives each Sunday morning through the worship experience we create. We want our gatherings to honor God and be the gateway to God’s dramatic work in the hearts and lives of people. How can we plan such worship experiences? Through lessons about worship philosophy and design, local leaders will learn how to build from what we have – our actual context, resources, philosophy, team, and musical capacity (or lack thereof) – to plan God-honoring worship. Lisa Collier (Lead Instructor), Major Colin DeVault, Quin and Laurie Pastin – Instructional Team

Christian Education: Becoming the best Sunday School teacher you can be Discipling young people is a sacred trust. You’ve been given curriculum, but What to teach is only half the battle. This class is about How to be the best teacher you can be. God gifts those he calls, and honors those who seek to grow. Learn practical skills for class prep, wise discipline, connecting with parents and children, prayer, and more. John Rondon (Instructor)

Leadership Values and Practices You are called to be a leader, whatever your role at the corps, in your neighborhood or workplace, because your life can influence others as they observe your behavior and hear your words. Good leaders don’t have a single, prescribed personality; but what are the values and practices that will make you the best leader you can be in your context? Nigel Pugh (Instructor), Joaquin Calvo (Translator)

Session 2 – 11:45am-12:55pm

Integrated Mission and Evangelism (CT) General Gowans identified three parts to Army mission: “Save souls, grow saints, and serve suffering humanity.” Integrated Mission is when we accomplish all three at once. We do not see evangelism, Christian formation, and social ministry as separate but Integrated. Acquire practices and concepts that reinforce this mode of evangelistic mission. Not for the faint of heart, participants in this track will engage several times throughout the week in evangelistic ministry from  7-10pm. Childcare is not provided during this time. Majors Bill and Sue Dunigan, Majors Dennis and Sharon Young – Instructional Team, Joaquin Calvo (Translator)

Social Issues for Local Leaders (CT) Serving in The Salvation Army, we encounter serious questions on social issues daily, but most of us are not equipped to have constructive and redemptive dialogue about matters we encounter in our corps and world today, especially when people have diverse commitments as starting points. In dialogue, we recognize the personhood, freedom, and goodwill of others. Develop skills for engaging in and facilitating sound ethical dialogue and decision-making. Matt Baker, Jennifer Clark – Instructional Team

Youth Discipleship: Bridging the gap into adulthood A class focused on the crucial transition between teenager and (young) adulthood, where the church loses so many. Explore issues of helping young people take ownership of their relationship with God, matters of maturity in various aspects of life, and very practical methods of supporting the transition into adulthood, especially regarding faith. Majors Kathryn Avery and Kellie Peabody – Instructional Team, Lieutenant Lizbeth Rosado (Translator)

Interpersonal Leadership: Relational skills for leaders Healthy relationships affect ministry and mission in profound ways. Bandmasters need musical competence; Bible teachers need scriptural competence; but any leader’s interpersonal skills will make or break their ministry. What relational skills does every soldier need? A practical exploration of valuable, strategic leadership skills – e.g., modelling, mentoring, preparation, succession. Major Eva R. Geddes D. Min. – Instructional Team




The LEAD Summit is for soldiers, adherents, officers, and friends who desire to grow in Christ and in their capacity for service. If you serve in a local corps, whether you’re a veteran or a novice, LEAD is for you. Clicking the blue button below will take you to the LEAD 2018 registration form.

If you have any questions, speak with your Corps Officer, or email matt.baker@use.salvationarmy.org

Please note that as of 5/17/2018 we are no longer considering applications from delegates who would require childcare, as we have reached our capacity for childcare.



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