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Krommenhoeks to headline OOB

Commissioners Dick and Vibeke Krommenhoek, territorial leaders of the Norway, Iceland, & the Faroes Territory, will highlight this year’s Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings, July 26–Aug. 1.

Joining the Krommenhoeks will be the Montclair Citadel Band, Eastern Territorial Songsters, ARC Chorus, and MBand from Norway.

The Krommenhoeks will also lead Bible study Monday through Friday at 10:30 a.m. in the OOB Corps Chapel. Majors Kevin and Cheriann Stoops, corps officers in Asbury Park, N.J., will lead a daily Bible study on the beach at the same time.

The Krommenhoeks will open the camp meetings at 7 p.m. in the Pavilion on Saturday, July 26. Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek will speak.

Both leaders will speak on Sunday, July 27, in the Pavilion— Commissioner Vibeke in the morning at 10 and Commissioner Dick in the evening at 7.

Point of Grace, a popular Christian singing group, will perform in concert at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 28, accompanied by the Montclair Citadel Band.

The Krommenhoeks will speak again on Tuesday, July 29, and will be joined by Crossfire Brass, delegates to the LEAD conference, and the Hands on Mission teams, who will be sharing testimonies from their time in India and Zimbabwe.

Wednesday, July 30, will feature the Creative Arts Services Team (CAST) performing “Honk!” in the Pavilion at 7. Carol Jaudes, director of the territory’s Creative Arts Services Bureau, says the musical is an adaptation of “The Ugly Duckling.”

There will be no meeting in the Pavilion on Thursday, July 31, when Salvationists will present a night of evangelis at the Pier, which is always teeming with tourists. The evening will include Crossfire Brass, actors, singers, illusionists, and Salvationists offering testimonies.

Laura Story, contemporary Christian singer, will close the camp meetings on Friday, Aug. 1, in the Pavilion with a 7 p.m. concert. In 2012, she won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song for a single on her album “Blessings.”

Envoys Steve and Sharon Bussey, who lead Salvation Factory, are in charge of the Pier Ministries this year.

by Robert Mitchell

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