Kroc Centers Update

KrocCentersUpdate_1Every center will be different, tailored to its community. But all will be true to Joan Kroc’s vision. She said each center should be a “beacon on a hill” for all, regardless of income or background.

“She wanted future Olympians, Academy Award winners, world–class sports figures to get their start and training at a Kroc center,” says Major Susan Bukiewicz, who with her husband, Major Ralph Bukiewicz, is coordinating Kroc plans in the Army’s Central Territory. “I believe God gave her a vision, and that He intended that vision [to] become ours.”

All Kroc centers will have another feature in common: A Christ–focused mission.

“As we keep the mission foremost, as we will in the South, we will not migrate from our root values,” says Jack C. Getz, the point person for Kroc  development in the Southern Territory.

Major Hugh Steele, spearheading the Kroc effort in the Eastern Territory, says that Salvation Army mission will be at the heart of every Kroc center there.

“We build from the corps out,” he says.

Likewise, in the Western Territory, the corps will be at the heart of every Kroc Center.KrocCentersUpdate_2

“From the beginning, the territory has emphasized that the worship center had to have central prominence,” says Lt. Colonel Don McDougald, who is heading up Kroc planning.

About 35 centers are on the drawing board.

Prayer is at the heart of the planning process.

“Ralph and I didn’t begin the project without weeks of prayer beforehand, asking God for the best way to do this, and seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit,” says Major Susan Bukiewicz

Eastern Territory leaders recently discovered that concentrated prayer makes a tangible difference. On June 5, with an application deadline 10 days away a proposed Boston Kroc center seemed doomed. On June 9, the territory stared its yearlong 24/7 prayer effort, and many prayed for a breakthrough in Boston (drawing at left). On June 12, negotiations for properties were complete; by June 13, all 59 parcels were secure.

“God truly works miracles,” said Major Warren Smith, secretary for business administration.

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