Isaiah Intervenes

Then–Auxiliary Captain Patricia Niedermeyer writes about a mighty intervention for her son, Mike, by his son, Isaiah, just a small boy. Mike was working on a roof when he reached for a bundle of shingles that was slipping off. He was pulled off with it.Isaiah2

He quickly realized that he was going over the edge. At that moment, he prayed, “Jesus, help me.” … He just calmly accepted that he was falling and waited to hit the ground, where there were piles of boards with nails in them, old shingles, the huge steel lift, and a set of cement steps. There was only one clear spot in the yard, and that is where he landed. …

When Mike (pictured above with his family; Isaiah is in the front) went to the emergency room to be checked after his 25–foot fall and had only a sore foot (not even sprained), the doctor and nurses were so amazed that they said there must have been “divine intervention.”

Later that day, we found out who called for that intervention. Mike’s son, Isaiah, was praying with his mom, Susan, and sister, Sadie, as he does each morning. Typically, Isaiah is quickly “antsy” and wants to be released to run and play. That morning when Mommy said, “OK, we are done praying. You can go play,” Isaiah said, “I need to pray for Daddy.” Mommy and Isaiah bowed their heads and held hands as Isaiah prayed, “Jesus, keep Daddy safe today. And keep Him warm.”

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