International Day of Prayer for Children


Day of Prayer for Children 2015Every year The Salvation Army holds an International Day of Prayer for Children. The date set aside for this year’s Day of Prayer is Sunday 29 March. Salvation Army corps (churches) and centres are encouraged to place a special emphasis on praying for children all around the world.

You are invited to participate in the Day of Prayer!

The Salvation Army’s work with children is worldwide (use the ‘select your country’ drop down menu to find out which Zone your country is in).

A number of specific prayer requests from around the world are listed below. Please feel free to add your own specific prayer requests so that others can join you in prayer.

Please see the resources section for some simple ideas that may be of help to you as you think about ways in which you can get involved. The resources can be used with children themselves so that they can join in and pray for other children.


Africa stampDisplay our poster to raise awareness of this year’s Day of Prayer – Sunday 29 March 2015. We also have a version without text (PDF, 1.5Mb) and the Adobe InDesign files (30Mb) can be downloaded here, to help you create posters in other languages.

Americas stamp

Download our Prayer Passport – you might want to write a specific prayer for children in each of the five Zones where The Salvation Army is at work or use the prayer requests on the discussion page to pray for children in each of the five Zones

The resources have been prepared by Major Michelle Woodhouse and Captain Teresa Everett (officers serving in the United Kingdom Territory).

Europe stampYoung people under the age of 24 constitute half the global population, with 1.2 billion between the ages of 10 and 19 (Crossette and Kollodge 2011). Four key issues emerge from this trend:

  • The challenge to provide food, shelter, health and education.
  • The economic and political impact of ‘bulge’ numbers of young adults in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) countries.
  • The impact of demographic and technological change on patterns of marriage, family and social life.
  • The increased importance and impact of global child/youth culture.

SPEA stampThe following prayer requests have already been shared from Salvation Army territories around the world. We invite you to share your own prayers and concerns with Salvationists and friends around the world. Please be careful not to share personal information and note that we reserve the right to edit or not publish submissions.



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