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Exciting days are coming in 2015. Plans are underway for the International “Boundless” Congress commemorating the 150th anniversary of The Salvation Army. Leading up to the congress a major emphasis on prayer is taking place. We are praying for the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon all Salvationists. Over the past 150 years many great heroes of the faith, living extraordinary lives, have honored their Lord and given powerful testimony to his saving grace. The Salvation Army is grateful for the heroes of the faith in the past and the great impact they have made upon the world. The timing is perfect for new heroes to arise who will impact the future of The Salvation Army and the kingdom of God for the next 150 years.

During the Public Welcome to Cadets in September 2014, Dr. Timothy Keller reminded us that when we pray we often ask for too little. God has placed upon our hearts a burden to ask the Lord of the Harvest for Officer laborers. Dr. Keller stated, “It is up to you to build the altar. God will provide the wisdom and provision. Revival requires extraordinary prayer.” In faith, and through prayer, we are believing for 100 cadets in the Joyful Intercessors session.   When this session is combined with the Messengers of Light session, the result would be 150 cadets in training (which would include three additional officer spouses). We believe God is speaking to many individuals for ministry as Officers of The Salvation Army. IMPACT 150 will be a year of rejoicing as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of The Salvation Army.

We are asking for your help to identify potential officer candidates and intercede for the Spirit of God to move in the lives of those to whom He is calling. Two prayer warriors from each division have been selected who will pray earnestly for the individuals you submit through this confidential Impact 150 Prayer Initiative database.   We will be praying that they will hear God’s direction for their lives and be obedient to His voice.

Submit your potential officer candidates below.

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