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Human Sexuality

We are sexual beings.

Created by God, sexuality is a good, beautiful, and powerful human drive. But it is also fragile. Sexual appetite is part of what it means to be human, and yet, like any appetite, it can also consume us. An unrestrained sexual appetite inflicts damage.

Multiple expressions of uninhibited sexuality characterize our human landscape, ranging from elemental lust to unbridled pedophilia. These are addressed in the Scriptures. I daresay most of us have an element of broken sexuality as part of our life story.

What can counter our inclination towards these sexual behaviors? It is self–control. Honestly, this is only possible by divine grace. Human effort alone is notoriously weak.

The boundaries of chastity and monogamy are instituted and sanctioned by God to help strengthen our self–control and to preserve the fragile beauty of human sexuality. When implemented, these boundaries create the preeminent, healthiest, and most fulfilling environment for sexual health.

Behaviors that scar sexual fragility can result in betrayal, disease, unwanted pregnancy, and violence.

When the protective boundaries are in place, these scars are more likely absent.

The relationship that protects the beauty and fragility of human sexuality is marriage, a creation ordinance, profoundly part of our original story. It is within this foundational relationship that sexual intimacy can be expressed.

This wholesome picture may be considered idealized, even unrealistic; yet here is the story throughout time. It reflects the heart of a passionate God and cannot be enhanced.

by Colonel Richard Munn

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