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How to Use “Find Yourself in the Story”

Find Yourself in the Story PosterWhat’s included in the “Find Yourself in the Story” Resource Pack:

  1. Playbill – Print these for use in your congregation.  The cover page is the only page with color, but it will work in black and white if you so choose.  The Playbill is most effectively used when each individual has one.
  2. Handouts – There are front/back black & white handouts with the daily Scripture passages on one side and the Find Yourself in the Story Directive on the other side.  Use these in a time of reflection within the worship service or encourage your congregants to take it home.
  3. Printable, full-page, black and white “Head Shots”
  4. Photo Samples of Stage and Posterboard as well as Character Stations.
  5. Playbill for e-reader

And you can download the “Find Yourself in the Story” Intro Video here.



Day 1 - Chief PriestsWe created stations for each character in the day’s Scripture Passage.  During our time of reflection, the congregation was invited to move among the stations and find the character they most related with.  They would then take a blank post-it note from that station back to their seat.  They were invited to write a word or two about why or how they related to that character and at the end, they would go up and post the note on the posterboard for the day.  Day 4 - PilateIn some cases, they wrote their names and in others, they left the notes blank.  We did not require anything, but invited them to write as they were led.  The posterboard notes gave us, and others, some people and things to pray about throughout the week.

We decorated each of our character stations from our Prayer Room supplies and other things we found in storage or at home.  You can decorate the stations, or simply place the “Head Shots” in an accessible place.  Keep space and leave room between the stations for movement and privacy.


Day 4 - Stage SetupSet Design:

Very simply, we used a theatrical “Director’s Chair” with the posterboards behind them.  Each day’s “Storyteller” sat in the chair as they shared the Scripture passage.





Program Outline:Day 1 - Posterboard

Keeping things simple, each day’s program opened with prayer, followed by the intro video, a few songs and then the day’s Scripture Story, led by a different Storyteller each day.  Major Lauren Hodgson would conclude each day’s Story by presenting the Directive and inviting the congregation to explore the character stations.  After allowing enough time for the congregation to reflect on the Directive, there would be a benediction.  On the way out, those in attendance who chose to would post their notes on the Posterboard on the stage.




Reference Videos:

Check out these reference videos we made when we did “Find Yourself in the Story” for THQ Chapel. These show you how our different speakers and the Storytelling part of each day’s program.

Day 2 – The Last Supper – Lt. Col. Kenneth W. Maynor

Day 3 – Gethsemane – Commissioner E. Sue Swanson
Day 4 – Crucifixion – Commissioner Barry C. Swanson



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