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Hearing from God – A Fasting Experience with Katie Perrett

I was offered the opportunity to join a 21-day fast from YouVersion, Bible app. This plan was sold to me as setting apart these three weeks to seek God on a whole other level. On January 1st, 2019, I heard a ding from my phone and there was the group invitation. Without hesitation, I accepted and began my 21-day journey.  This plan consisted of a daily devotional, scripture passage and then a forum to discuss thoughts with the other group members. I never had the desire to take part in a fast before, but I wanted to seriously follow through with this commitment.

The first day’s devotional thought asked us to pray about what we should fast from during these 21 days. I really felt unsure of what I that should be.  I thought about giving up TV, or soda…or maybe coffee would be even better.  I thought of all the easier routes to take, but then I was reminded that this fast is meant to be an actual sacrifice.  The purpose was to fast from something that will cost me my convenience and comfort and will test my willpower and commitment.  It is my understanding that most biblical fasting’s are based on fasting from food, so after some prayer, I felt led to fast from eating breakfast and lunch.   This was, for me, certainly going to be a sacrifice. The intention was that by fasting I would seek Him in those times of struggle, when I wanted to deviate from my commitment.

Well, I certainly struggled and wanted to break my fast on several occasions.  I did not feel like I was hearing from God about what I wanted to hear.  In our forum and hearing someone else’s perspective, I received the reminder that we don’t necessarily hear what we wanted to hear from God, but rather what He wants us to know and learn.  I needed to put aside my desires and allow God to lead me and fill me with the desires he has for my life.

The truth of the matter is that I gave in during the 21-days. I consider it not to be a failure, but a lesson learned and a desire to do better next time.  God allows us to make those errors in life so that we can be better prepared the next time around. In turn, we will ultimately be more pleasing to Him when we have a deeper desire for Him in our lives and in all that we do.


written by Katie Perrett, Southern New England Division, USA East

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