Musical equipment, such as these amplifiers, are unloaded at a storage facility near Territorial Headquarters.

It looks like there could be a lot more Salvationists playing guitar in the USA Eastern Territory.

The territory received more than $1 million in musical equipment from Guitar Center, which made a corporate donation late in the year.

“The praise and worship genre of music and worshiping in our corps setting is going to get a shot in the arm with this equipment,” says Douglas Berry, the territory’s director for contemporary music. “People who are using old, beat–up guitars will get something really decent. Corps musicians, who want to teach guitar, or even keyboards or drums, will get some truly good equipment.

“I see it as a blessing for this territory and I think the timing is divinely orchestrated. I think it’s going to send contemporary music in this territory in a great direction.”

Berry said some 3,000 instruments arrived in seven truckloads to a warehouse the territory rented in Norwood, N.J., where the equipment was unloaded and inventoried.

The shipments included “a lot of guitars that will be perfect for corps use and worship bands,” Berry said. The donations also included drums and keyboards, as well as audio and DJ equipment.

“There are some corps doing some DJ ministry, so we’ll be able to help them out with that,” Berry says.

The Guitar Center has also given the territory permission to sell some instruments in the ARC Family Stores.

by Robert Mitchell

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