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‘Great Salvation Meeting’ held in GNY

The Greater New York Division (GNY) recently conducted an evening of celebration and commitment at the Centennial Memorial Temple in New York City. Beginning with robust singing led by the Men’s Worship Band, hundreds of attendees from throughout the division entered a time of joyful praise.

The evening included music by the GNY Youth Band and a march down the aisles by College for Officer Training cadets from GNY and as many as 200 soon–to–be–enrolled junior and senior soldiers—with flags waving.

Lt. Colonel Henrietta Klemanski, divisional director of women’s ministries, conducted the junior soldier enrollment ceremony.

Major Sue Betts, divisional program secretary, presented three Sunday school awards to Major Antonietta Rosamilia, corps officer of the Queens Temple Corps, for having the fastest growing Sunday school in the division in 2012. The Queens Temple’s Sunday school is the largest Sunday school in the territory.

Lt. Colonel Guy Klemanski, divisional commander, recognized seven cadets from the Greater New York Division: Hannah Gwak, Felix Padilla, Pratik Shirsath, Loreita Vaughan, Lorissa Vaughan, Chakanaka Watch, and Emiline Watch.

Adding stirring music to the celebration were the Greater New York Youth Band (Bandmaster Gordon Ward); The Greater New York Timbrels, led by Romina Morton; and the Greater New York Youth Chorus, led by Gavin Whitehouse, Eastern Territorial Songster leader.

The Klemanskis presented three “Soldier of Distinction” awards. Recipients were Major Thomas Mack from Hempstead Citadel, Inez Smith from Manhattan Citadel, and Elizabeth Hanna from Middletown. Each recipient received a certificate; their names will be placed on the Soldier of Distinction plaque at Divisional Headquarters.

Lt. Colonel Guy Klemanski conducted an enrollment ceremony for 100 senior soldiers. As they stood in full uniform, the congregation broke into exuberant applause.

Senior soldier Greg Tuck, director of the Star Lake Complex, preached from Isaiah 6: 1–8, offering a fresh perspective on this familiar passage. Following his message, there was spontaneous movement toward the altar for prayer.

by Major William Groff

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