Gospel Outreach in a Kroc Center

GospelOutreachinaKrocCenter02Paul Luhn, a soldier who had been on the staff for years with the Salvation Army’s National Seminar on Evangelism, became outreach ministries director at the Quincy, Ill., Corps, then the Kroc Center there. Paul, who has an infectious enthusiasm for evangelism, kept the center focused on outreach.

“It’s too easy to slip into a business mindset with membership and money concerns,” says Paul. He constantly challenges staff members to examine the purpose of the things they do and emphasizes relationship–building as the key to leading people to Christ.

The Kroc Center officers and leaders are encouraged to see both staff and center members attending worship services. “We’re seeing new faces every week,” says Paul. “When people see the joy of the Lord in you, it’s attractive. They want to be with joyful people and want joy for themselves.” That’s the heart of an evangelist speaking.

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