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God’s beauty in Winter

WilliamBamfordI must admit, I‘m not one who loves the extreme cold.

In January 2014 on the day Lorraine and I returned from the South America West Territory to the USA Eastern Territory, we flew from the warmth of 90 degrees in Santiago, Chile, to the frigid mid–20s in New York City. However, I can tell you that I do love the beauty found in the cold, snowy days as they transform the outdoors. Overnight, a soft blanket of snow can turn a dreary landscape into a breathtaking vista.

During these days of winter, another type of transformation is underway in our territory. God has been bringing refreshing change to the lives of people.

Some of their stories unfolded during our recent Christmas ministry. The service and love expressed by our employees, volunteers, soldiers, and officers in this territory have helped to transform potential sadness into happiness. Thank you for covering the lives of so many individuals with a crisp, sparkling beauty.

And we’re seizing many other opportunities to bring transformation to people’s lives. Inward and outward change is taking place for individuals in our Adult Rehabilitation Centers as they receive the love and the beauty of Christ.

This winter, Salvationists and volunteers all across this territory will be touching lives through feeding programs, warming shelters, and social services programs that will allow people to know that they are loved and that their lives can be made anew in Jesus Christ.

Today, may we pause in gratitude for the personal transformation that Jesus offers to each of us—one of crystal clarity and purity.

“Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” —Psalm 51:7 (NLT)

—Colonel William A. Bamford III
Chief Secretary

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