God at Center Pathway

At the heart of the Pathway of Hope (POH) approach is Army leaders’ deep desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and that desire is motivated by their love of God.
Commissioner Paul Seiler, commander of the Army’s USA Central Territory, says that William Booth, the Army’s co–founder, ‘cared deeply for the poor in society at a time when it wasn’t particularly fashionable; it wasn’t politically correct … I think that William Booth’s DNA is a part of Salvationists [church members], and it’s a part of our motivation for this POH program.’

The commissioner quotes Jesus, who said that when we serve ‘the least of these,’ we are serving Him.
‘Why is The Salvation Army present in the communities we serve?’ asks Colonel Dennis Strissel, commander of the Army’s Eastern Michigan Division. ‘Is it really to meet a social need? It’s first and foremost to meet a spiritual need, and to really respond within the contract that we have with God in partnership, to do what he asks us to do. This is an opportunity, this Pathway of Hope, to say a quiet ‘yes’ to God … ‘
‘We have to approach all of this with great hope, with faith in
God, who we need to have at the center of this initiative,’ says Major Evie Diaz, commander of the Army’s Heartland Division.
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