Four Points

Four Points

deeper discipleship – Enduring mission is always a product of authentic discipleship. All soldiers need to be trained and equipped for the war. Similarly, to develop an Army of Salvation, we must intentionally cultivate spiritual disciplines and be brought closer to the mind and heart of Christ. An intentional move towards systematic and creative Bible Study is critical to ensuring that we are armed with the Sword of the Spirit. Through transforming worship and faithful intercessory prayer, we believe that the principalities and powers of darkness will be disarmed as we strike our target in the power of the Holy Spirit. 
In order to build a true Army, we need to build a network of leaders – from young children who are being given their first leadership responsibilities, to Local Officers who are serving at Corps to Candidates who will become Officers to serve throughout the Territory, and possibly the world. We constantly need to be identifying, training and deploying new leaders within our organization – to fulfill a variety of roles required for an Army of Salvation to be fully equipped and engaged in action. 
How do we reach this next generation ensuring that they are saved,sanctified and integrated as active salvation soldiers in our community engaged in mission? Our planis to define relevant and effective evangelistic strategies to bring the gospel to emerging generations. We will connect with and reclaim the next generation.
We are a movement, and we are called to be forward moving. TheSalvation Army was born as an urban movement – the streets of the inner-city were considered therealm of the enemy, but through the ministry of The Salvation Army, we reclaimed these streets for the King! This is our strength and our calling. We are called to march to the margins of ourcommunity and go to the places where people have been forgotten. Our plan is to reconnect to thecommunities in which we serve, to collaborate with others in ministry to develop an authentic expression of the gospel through the loving relationships developed. We will mobilize our Army backinto an urban movement.




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