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The inclusion of “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge in the rightNow Media section (May 2015 SAConnects) suggests that this is a Bible study that would be good for women who want to reflect the love of Christ. While there is much that the Eldredges write about that resonates with me, their view of gender is of concern. This particular book/video stands in contrast to a Salvationist’s egalitarian understanding of gender.

I would really like to see our publications offer alternatives to the complementary view of gender that mainstream evangelical culture spews forth.

Blessings on you and your work; we have an amazing heritage in the lives of the women in the Army, both in our history and today.

—Major JoAnn Shade
Ashland, Ohio

I am appalled at the cover of the May 2015 SAConnects. With regard to what our uniform stands for as well as to all the directives given over many years regarding proper uniform wearing, this cover is inappropriate. Even a recent directive from our divisional commander has instructed that women officers and soldiers are not to wear slacks with tunics, a further directive to other directives from the past.

For many years, I have been opposed to actors and actresses wearing Salvation Army uniforms in films and in theatrical productions. Only born–again and enrolled Salvation Army soldiers and officers should be allowed to put on this uniform that represents our walk with Christ. That’s it! Love, prayers, and hugs!

—Major Joan E. “Sunshine” Guldenschuh
Asbury Park, N.J

[Regarding the cover of the May 2015 SAConnects] Grabbing a potential reader’s attention and using Army publications to reinforce organizational standards are sometimes competing values. It will be interesting to see if the [Letters to the Editor] forum can develop a robust airing of the matter of how uniform wearing can contribute to, as you put it, “moving our ministry ever forward with more passion and with greater clarity of mission.” Blessings to you in this wonderful ministry to which you have made important contributions.

—Major Donald Hostetler
Divisional Commander
Empire State Division


Thank you and the rest of the Communications Department staff for SAConnects magazine. It is terrific! Thanks also for the “Artsy After School” newsbrief you published regarding our new fine arts program in York, Pa. (SAConnects, May 2015). So well done, and a real upper for us, we are eager to share it. To that end, are there extra copies you could send us? I know I could use 3–25, or whatever quantity you can spare.

—Michele M. Baker, ph.d.
Director of Advancement
York Citadel Corp


Thank you for your high remarks and kind compliments of our corps (“The Language of God’s Love,” SAConnects, June 2015). We especially appreciated how you highlighted our focus on the community and on our one–family vision. We want to encourage other corps. We still have much to learn, but we continue to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

I clearly see Commissioner Swanson’s heart on multiethnic ministry. I’m excited to see such resources on your “Finds” page. SAConnects is a great Salvation Army magazine!

— Captain Stephen & Sujung Na
Houston International Corps

findingbalanceThanks for sharing “The Language of God’s Love” article (SAConnects, June 2015). My dream has been to see people of various cultures come together for worship.

In New Rochelle, N.Y., we are also building a multicultural corps with my assistants, Captains Marcia and Oscar Duarte. I will ask all our soldiers to read and discuss the article during a soldiers’ meeting.

After the International Congress, the Captains Duarte and I would like to visit this corps in Houston and learn from their experience.

Keep up the good work and God bless you!

— Captain Daniel Diakanwa
Corps Officer
New Rochelle, N.Y.

Editor’s note: We’ll use our letters forum to discuss diverse and reasoned points of view with the intent of bringing us closer together and moving our ministry ever forward with more passion and with greater clarity of mission.

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