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Evangelists pass their baton

Jesus looked at them and said, with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” —Matthew 19:26
Imagine: You’re standing on a pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, in front of a large audience of Salvationists, tourists, and local residents. Other people mill about under an evening sky, eating in restaurants and enjoying amusements. Behind you, ocean waves gently break against the shore.

Without warning the crowd, you appear to remove from your pocket a beautiful dove. The people are astonished as it flaps its angelic white wings.

Now, you share with them the message of Jesus Christ. Of course, the bird trick was an illusion. But now, the gospel Truth uttering from your lips rises above the din and transforms someone’s heart.

Similar scenarios at corps and Adult Rehabilitation Centers around the territory have been the hallmark of ministry for Envoys Doug and Helene Kornwolf and Captains Angelo and Virgina Bermeo. The Kornwolfs recently retired as territorial evangelists and have passed their baton to the Bermeos, who continue to mesmerize and minister to audiences.

The Kornwolfs, originally from Toronto, Canada, came to The Salvation Army 13 years ago as full–time evangelists. Typically, they spent eight weeks on the road followed by four weeks off at home in Florida. As former professional illusionists, they were accustomed to being on tour. But this time, Doug said, “It’s a calling.” Today, they live in Florida.

Born in Ambato, Ecuador, Angelo Bermeo came to New York in 1971. He studied computer science in college. Also a professional magician, he received God’s call to full–time ministry as a Salvation Army officer in 1996. Virginia was born in Brooklyn, New York. Before becoming a Salvation Army officer, she worked as a corporate assistant. She always desired to serve the Lord and became a Christian in 1986. She is a graduate of Nyack College and is currently enrolled in a Master of Divinity program. For over 13 years, the Bermeos have shared the word of God in a uniquely creative and visual way—in both English and Spanish.

Territorial headquarters will be pleased to schedule the territorial evangelists to appear at your corps or unit at no cost to you. Please call the territory evangelism office at 845–620–7676 for more information.

by Warren L. Maye

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