Eastern Territorial Songsters

Since 2005, the Eastern Territorial Songsters (ETS) has shared in ministry with the New York Staff Band, International Staff Band, Canadian Staff Band, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, trumpeter Chris Jaudes, vocalist Whintley Phipps, and Christian songwriters Ken Medema and George Beverly Shea. ETS has had the privilege to support the preaching ministry of past international leaders of The Salvation Army: General Linda Bond, General Shaw Clifton, General John Larsson, General John Gowans, General Paul A. Rader, General Bramwell Tillsley, and General Eva Burrows. The experienced ETS vocalists from all parts of the Eastern Territory promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a diverse range of appointments and responsibilities. Part of their training has been under the tutelage of Major Len Ballantine (former International Staff Songsters leader), Lt. Colonel Norman Bearcroft (inaugural International Staff Songsters leader), Dr. Beatrice Holz (vocal professor at Asbury College), S/L William Rollins, and current leader S/L Gavin Whitehouse.


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